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-8/15/16: The goats are enjoying the summer weather. We are almost to breeding season again! Wow, time is flying by. Send us a message if you wish to be added to the spring 2017 kid wait list. We look forward to hearing from you! Hug a goat today :0)

-4/30/16: Off to their new homes!  The kids are starting to leave and enjoy their new adventure. Thank you to all of our buyers this year!  I know they are going to great homes and hope they bring you the joy they bring us.  

-3/26/16: Kids are selling fast!  All of the little ones are full of energy and so entertaining!  Can't believe how fast the time is going so far.  Everyone is growing so much and enjoy their play time together!

Who We Are

We live on a small acreage near Belle Plaine, MN. Right along the Minnesota River Valley.  Fainting goats captured our hearts and we fell in love with these three little girls and look forward to many more years of growing our herd. We love spending time with them each and everyday!  Myotonic/fainting goats are such a great breed to raise. (Learn more about the breed below)
All of the goats on our farm are 100% Myotonic.
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About Fainting Goats

Myotonia Congenita:
An inherited, neuromuscular disorder that makes the muscles unable to relax for about 10 seconds after contraction when startled or excited.  Episodes are painless and the goat remains awake until the stiffness passes.  Myotonic goats don't jump or climb fences much like other goats, making them popular with goat keepers; however, because they can "faint" instead of running away from predators, good fencing is still important to keep "bad guys" away.                                                                                        
Also Known As:
Tennessee Fainting Goats, Nervous Goats, Stiff-Leg Goats, Texas Wooden Legs Goats, Fainters, and Scare Goats.   
Tennessee, USA
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